Norton AntiVirus 2015 22.0.0

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An antivirus capable of eliminating viruses, worms and trojans from emails and your PC.

Norton AntiVirus from Symantec is an antivirus solution with a big capacity to detect threats, both known and new.

This Norton AntiVirus tool automatically deletes viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other malicious threats, that are coming from emails, attachments and other sources, and all without interrupting your work.

It also looks for viruses in compressed files before you open them, reducing the risk of you infecting your machine by accident when you open them. Its newly incorporated functions detect threats that aren't even viruses like spyware, and keyloggers that steal personal information and make your PC more vulnerable. It can also avoid bots that take control of your PC from outside.

But, in addition to these characteristics, Norton AntiVirus can also start up and repair infected PCs after attacks by these agents, thanks to its quick and exhaustive cleaning service.

Norton AntiVirus is also specially designed to not interfere with your work or gaming, automatically updating and protecting your system without slowing it down. By working quickly and silently in the background, Norton AntiVirus requires a lot less memory and system resources than other solutions.

Norton AntiVirus is quick, safe, reliable and trustworthy. It is famous in the genre for being an extremely effective tool to block anything from getting into your PC from outside that you don't want. And all this for free!


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